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Day, Evening & Special Occasions.



Whether you are looking for a good professional headshot for your company’s website, going out for a night on the town with friends, enjoying a glamorous evening in with friends or attending a personal celebration, you always enjoy yourself better when you put your best face forward.  I will ensure that you get the "The right look for the right occasion".  I will take on the responsibility of making you look the part, so all you have to do is turn up, feel your best and enjoy yourself.


Group Sessions


Groups of  2 or more special occasion

                      £  30.00 each

                      £ 35.00 each w lashes


Hands on Tutorials one-to-one                             £    35.00 each


Hands on Tutorials 2 or more                             £    25.00 each

Special Occasion                                              

                          £  35.00



Special Occasion with lashes                      

                          £  40.00

Business Day Look Makeup                                                     

                          £  20.00

                         £ 25.00 w lashes

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